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Hello! On this page I curate a handful of links to work that is important to me right now, some of it my own and some from other people. This is not a weekly, daily, or hourly publication; it is not a publication at all. If you want to you can use it to connect with other human beings and the work they do!

1. Rhiannon

My entry for the 2016 #MystJam is a videogame called Rhiannon: The Surrealistic Misadventure That Will Become Your Weekend. You can play it (for free!) on

2. The Ghosts of Bioshock

In the year 2013 a now-defunct company called Irrational Games published a videogame called Bioshock Infinite. I played the thing on launch day; I then started writing about it, and writing, and writing, and then gave up for a while.

I picked it up off and on over the intervening time, frustrated by the huge scope and complexity of the subject matter. I finished it on the two year anniversary of Infinite’s release, and published it here on my blog.

This is a story about The Wounded Knee Massacre, The Boxer Rebellion, The Statue of Liberty and the nature of conquest. It’s about historical revisionism, cultural appropriation, xenophobia and the birthplace of white guilt. It’s about people who thought they could stop bullets with magic, and people who thought no one could stop their bullets. It’s about corpses, cameras and a cavalcade of ugly men.

Last, and least, it’s about 1870s doom guy Booker DeWitt.

The Ghosts of Bioshock (TRIGGER WARNING for graphic violence!)


Musician, critic, artist and game maker Liz Ryerson recently persuaded me to play through something called A.L.T.: a WAD (that is: a pack of 32 original levels) for 1993’s Doom.

A.L.T. presents a sort of radical alternative future for shooter games: a future that built on Doom’s sprawling unreal geographies, rather than its compulsion-inducing combat mechanics. The point is not to be ‘a bunch more cool Doom levels’, as we’ve been trained to expect from the mod scene. The point is to be something else entirely: something strange and tragic, rather more like a David Lynch story than a videogame expansion pack.

Liz made a whole series of commentary videos about this stuff called the DOOM MIXTAPES, which you can watch (for free!) on YouTube. If you’re lucky, she might just persuade you to try A.L.T. as well.

4. How ‘Dark Souls II’ Reflects Our Historical and Political Anxieties

In 2016 I got to write a piece for Waypoint. It was about the lingering un-death of worlds: Dark Souls’ world, rock band The Strokes’ world, the world of America’s nineteenth-century confederacy, and of course the world of today.  You can read it here.

5. Detritus

In August 2015 I began work on a hypertext criticism project called Detritus, which attempts to create a loving home for the all the games crit I’d done over the past year. I began it because I was tired of struggling to remain visible in a world of ‘content aggregators’ who treat my work largely as a commodity and, like all ‘content’ machines, do their very best to erase the people supplying the fuel. I wanted something permanent that didn’t come with an expiry date the way our Tweets and blog posts do; as such, I made a Twine-like interactive thing for people to explore rather than consume. Enter DETRITUS

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